CELLCOSMET The quintessence of Swiss cosmetics devoted solely to your beauty 60-90 MINS SKIN CARE ABOUT At the forefront of the latest research in cosmetic science, our laboratory is the phyto-cellular expert your skin needs. BENEFITS Science to bring out your skin’s true beauty Keep your skin at its healthy best with our intensive cellular […]

VALMONT Valmont has been at the forefront of offering effective, high-performance anti-ageing treatments since 1985. The brand perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with scientifically advanced care treatments, giving immediate, long-lasting results. 75-100 minutes Skin Care ABOUT Designed to purify, balance, and unify your skin’s complexion, Valmont facials are intended for all – […]

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Biologique Recherche is a leading French spa brand, well known for its clinical approach to skincare using high concentrations of all-natural ingredients. 60-100 minutes Skin Care ABOUT Treat your skin’s unique needs with a luxurious, fully personalized treatment based on a detailed analysis of your skin.  A selection of custom professional formulas deeply cleanses, […]